Why Supercritical CO2 instead of Molecular Distillation ?

Minami nutrition oils are processed with 400% less heat than other brands.


Molecular Distillation

Minami Nutrition Supercritical CO2 technology (EFP process)


Strong facts

Supercritical CO2 technology is the ideal protection against oxidation

The EFP process always works with CO2. CO2 is heavier than air thus always remains as a layer/blanket on the omega-3 ethyl esters. It is the ideal protection against oxidation! With this characteristic the production method differs strongly from the nitrogen using production methods. Nitrogen is lighter than air, forms no blanket and can only work as an efficient protection against oxidation in a closed container with overpressure. As soon as this container is opened nitrogen will escape (because it is lighter than air) and air will enter – starting the oxidation process.


More strong facts

Some manufacturers of restructured triglycerides claim that ethyl esters
“…are a new to nature form… with only 18 years of history…”.
This statement is wrong in many senses:

(a) E thyl esters are naturally found in many fruits – so they are not new to nature nor to us.

(b) E thyl esters were used in Europe very extensively during World War II as fat and butter substitute for human nutrition (the glycerol part from the triglycerides was used for the explosive industry).

(c) R estructured triglycerides could be considered as “novel foods” because they are truly new to our body. In nature you never find more than 1 or at the highest 2 EPA /DHA fatty acids per glycerol molecule. Restructured triglycerides have 2 to 3 EPA and/or DHA fatty acids per glycerol molecule. Such structure is new to nature, and thus also new for our digestive system.

(d) H ighly concentrated EPA /DHA triglycerides were in the ethyl ester form during the production process. The re-esterification to triglycerides requires several hours (up to 24 hours or more) of heat treatment at about 80°C. This is especially stressful for the in this late phase of the production process concentrated EPA /DHA products.

(e) I n order to re-synthesize the triglycerides the use of a genetically modified enzyme is necessary. Traces of this enzyme may remain in the final product.

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