How do you Increase your Omega-3 Index


We all consume too few Omega-3 fatty acids. Yet a healthy fatty acid profile with sufficient Omega-3 has a noticeable impact.

Omega-3 fatty acids are specifically useful for people partaking in sports and who want to perform to the best of their ability. That is why Minami Nutrition supplies these nutrients in their most physiologically effective form in EPACOR Science.


A healthy Omega-3 Index

Experts specialised in heart and cardiovascular
disease have developed a measuring scale for our Omega-3 fatty acid profile. According to this scale – referred to as the Omega-3 Index – the ideal proportion of EPA and DHA (the healthiest Omega-3 fatty acids) to support normal heart function is between 8 and 11%.


However, most Westerners have an Omega-3 Index of barely 4.5%. To raise your Omega-3 Index to a healthy 8% you would have to eat at least four portions of fish per week. This may be difficult to achieve but can also be unhealthy because of the high doses of PCBs and heavy metals found in many oily fish species.


A single capsule of MorEPA Platinum contains 1100 mg Omega-3, including 764 mg mg EPA and 236 mg DHA. This will enable you to increase your Omega-3 Index very quickly and in a user friendly manner. This high dose of EPA and DHA will not only contribute to the normal function of the heart, DHA will also help maintain normal vision and brain function (with a daily intake of 250 mg to be precise).

Superior quality and maximum purity

MorEPA Platinum is a product of the highest quality and purity. Similar to all other Minami Nutrition supplements, this Omega- 3 supplement is purified and concentrated using the gentlest procedure
currently available: super critical CO2 extraction, an environmentally friendly procedure, which removes all traces of heavy metals from the crude fish oil. This is guaranteed by the EMAS certificate (Eco-
Management and Audit Scheme, approved by the European Parliament).


Triathlete and Managing Director Kevin Van der Straeten

‘The results are staggering’


Kevin Van der Straeten combines his demanding job as Managing Director of with one of the most intensive sports, the triathlon. Being a marathon runner, he discovered several years ago that a healthy and balanced diet is essential in order to maintain physical and mental alertness, a must if you want to score high both professionally and in sports.


‘The book ‘Healthy on the inside, beautiful on the outside’ written by Jo Wyckmans was a real eye opener. I became aware of both the detrimental effect of industrially produced food and the countless nutrients that have a positive impact on body and soul. I work on average 70 hours a week and train for at least15 hours. Unfortunately, this means that I do not always have the time to eat a varied diet to ensure that I consume all essential nutrients in ideal proportions. Notwithstanding my efforts to eat as healthily as possible, my blood analysis highlighted shortages and imbalances, even a raised cholesterol level. Following the advice of a specialist I started taking highly purified food supplements on a daily basis. The idea was to tackle my fatty acid imbalance in particular, since my Omega-3 Index appeared to be too low. I have been taking a daily capsule of EPAC OR for six months now.


The results are staggering. My Omega-3 Index has now reached an ideal level.

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