The smallest possible ecological footprint

Currently, the availability of vegetable EPA from algae is very limited and we still need to extract this omega-3 fatty from fish. Out of respect for the environment, Minami Nutrition only uses fish – such as anchovies, mackerel, sardines and herring that are recognised as not being endangered species. Cod is never used: because this fish contains only a small amount of omega-3, too many fish would have to be sacrificed to provide the omega-3 needed.

No Use of Hexane
Minami Nutrition’s environmentally conscious approach also avoids the use of irritant, chemical solvents like hexane. Only CO2 is used during the EFP® process, and is recycled.

Dependable labelling.
The concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids stated on the packaging are truthful. All products from Minami Nutrition undergo full and detailed analysis in order to provide you with this guarantee.


Gold Standard omega-3 supplement with the smallest possible ecological footprint. Certified in accordance with EMAS, a European standard for environmental care.


Furthermore, all of Minami Nutrition’s supercritically different omega-3 supplemenets have been granted EMAS status, which is the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) approval process which proves that Minami vigilantly selfevaluates, monitors, reports and improves its environmental performance.


For these reasons, MorEPA® Chewable and all Minami Nutrition omega-3 oils have the following environmentally friendly traits:


Fish oil from small deep-sea fish originating from the clean waters around Peru. The smallest species of fish contain the least toxins, which is substantiated by our frequent analyses.


Pharmaceutical purity. The fish oil supplements from Minami Nutrition have the lowest concentration of contaminated substances such as PCB’s, pesticides and dioxins. Heavy metals (mercury, lead and cadmium) cannot even be detected and the oxidation level is phenomenally low. So it is not
surprising that a fish oil supplement like MorEPA® Chewable is up to 40 times purer than most products on the market (source: DIOXIN2006, 26th International Symposium on Halogenated POPs, Oslo, Norway).

Tests conducted by the Belgian General Pharmaceutical Association (APB) show that
Minami Nutrition ’s product are exceptionall pure (source: Belgian Pharmaceutical Journal, no. 4/2007)

100% VEGAN

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